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Extend Your Helping Hands!

When the four Founding Brothers of St Gabriel started Montfort Boys Town in Batu Tiga, Shah Alam in 1959, they only have one mission in mind. That is to equip the poor and needy boys with a living skill. A skill, which, taught them to fish for life, to provide for his family, to be independent and to become a useful citizen.

After 50 years of giving love and care to more than 4,800 underprivileged boys, the Brothers of St Gabriel were asked to consider to care for girls as well. After much debating over the hues and cries, this project took off despite the poor economic situation in the country.

On August 15, 2002 the present Brothers of St Gabriel open a new chapter in the history of Montfort Boys Town with an intake of 11 girls. This has certainly brought new challenges in this new millennium, which caught the attention of the media and the public.

Montfort answers the call of our society to give these underprivileged girls an opportunity to gain a living skill and to become a contributing member to our developing nation.  Many of these girls are from orphanages, single parent and poor families. By giving these young girls a living skill, they will be exposed to various opportunities previously dominated by males. All in all, women of the new millennium are known to have met with equal footing with men in the corporate world and some are even Prime Ministers in their own countries!

The girls in Montfort are currently enrolled in a two-year course in Graphic Design and Multimedia, Computer Maintenance and Bakery & Pastry. 













For further information, please call 03-55191735/36 or fax to 03-5510 2858

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