Mon, Apr/21/2014
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   News Update

News Update

Get the latest events & happenings at Montfort Boys Town at

Open House Carnival - 2014

Montfort Boys Town Open House is back , on the 4th May 2014 , 9am to 4pm Sunday.

Those who wish to participate in goods & food stalls kindly contact 03-55191735/36  Ms Theresa ( Merchandise ) , Ms Devi  ( Food Stall ).

MBT Open House 2014

Donation through CIMB Clicks

CIMBClicks How To





 You can now make a donation to Montfort Boys Town through CIMBClicks.

New Boys Dormitory

The new boys dormitory is completed and is being occupied by Roger & Emmanuel House.

The new boys internet room sponsored by F&N is located on the first floor.

New Boys Dorm

  New Boys Dorm2

New Boys Dorm3

 Fish Pond   

Montfort Girls Centre

The Montfort Girls Centre building which which was completed in May 2006 to house 150 girls in the years to come. The girls dormitory , assembly hall and training centre with a kitchen, computer rooms and classrooms .

To those interested to help the underpriviledged girls see their dreams come true, please call 03-55191735/36 or fax to 03-5510 2858

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