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How is MBT funded?

Montfort Boys Town is an Institute of Public Character and is dependent on public donations for its operation.  It costs Montfort more than RM4 million a year to operate.  The bulk of the funds raised are through public donations.  All donations are tax-exempted vide Government Gazette No 106 of 1960.  Donations in cash and in kind are welcome; no donation is too small for us. 














Montfort Boys Town operating cost for the year 2007:


Education & Training




RM   535,254.95


RM   198,187.81

General Maintenance

RM   247,142.98


RM   326,429.51


RM   317,762.55

Transportation / Travel

RM   108,571.81

Sports and Leisure

RM     38,703.06


RM     46,195.17


RM   105,993.77



RM 4,636,129.32

For the Year 2007 , a total of RM1,478,675 was spend on building renovations - Boys Hostel and Main Hall


Be a partner with MBT

Today Montfort Boys Town continues to serve the underprivileged youths of our society and to help them become contributing members of society.  We cater for some 320 students now.  To continue this worthy mission, Montfort needs your partnership to build Youths to Build the Nation.  To fulfill this mission, MBT needs your help and support. You can do your part for the less fortunate of our society and contribute to the development of our nation.  Those wishing to help can send your contribution to Montfort Boys Town.  Your generous support can make a difference in the lives of many needy youths.


How can I help?

You can help by contributing cash, kind or your time.  It costs only RM34 a day to sponsor a Montfort Boy to feed, house, train and educate him.  Generous donors are needed for funds to upgrade our workshop with new machinery, training equipment, working areas, PCs, and new software.  With your sponsorship, our boys are now able to progress further with new technology.  You can be a volunteer to enrich the lives of the boys. You can contribute towards the upkeep of a needy boy.

For more details please contact the Director at:
Tel:  603-5519 1735/6
Fax: 603-5510 2858 or 603-5510 8692

You may also e-mail: or


Our Address
Montfort Boys Town
Jalan Montfort , 40150 Shah Alam , Selangor , Malaysia.
For enquiries on admission

Please contact the pastoral care unit at telephone: 603-5519 1735/6


Or e-mail the Director of Montfort: or





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